Pierre Restany & Bruno Zevi & SITE         

St. Martins Press
1980, English
softcover, 191 pages, 1st edition
21.59 x 24 cm

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Crumbling brickwork facades, cars buried in asphalt, raining waterfalls screening a building's window ... these are only some of the incredible, fantasy-made-real designs of the environmental art / radical architecture group, SITE . "The perfect antidote against Post-Modernist, Rationalist or Structuralist conventions", the SITE style was rife with imagination and apocalyptic humour. It is work that still holds up now as humanistic and optimistic. Work that makes you stop and look and think.

Included in this book are; notes on the philosophy of SITE / Lists of Buildings and Projects / Exhibitions / Bibliography / Selected Projects / Illustrated Projects / and heavily illustrated profiles (w. photographic documentation and plan drawings) on all of their major projects spanning 1969-1979, including their phenomenal designs for BEST Products.

Brick Press, Inc.
Vancouver, BC