Actual Source            

Actual Source
2018, English
softcover, 196 pages

Actual Source
2018, English
softcover, 296 pages
7.5 x 11.25”

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SHOPLIFTERS is a bi-annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, writers, type designers, photographers, illustrators etc,. Shoplifters doesn’t have a single identity, it’s size, paper, typography, and tone changes each time it’s published.

Issue 7 includes:
Matrilinity in Los Angeles
Interviews by Silas Munro with Kali Knikitas and Tanya Rubbak

Folder Studio, April Greima, Aaron Jupi, Scott Barry, Studio Ella, Chris Svensso, Inventory Press, Norma, Public Library, Kohshin Finley, Lux Typo, Family Book Store, Fores, Michael John Kelly, Mandujano Cell

Otis College Residency
Jan en Randoald, Stephanie Spech, Allie Ball & Nic Sanchez, All the Way to Paris, The Rodina

Designed and published by Actual Source.

Brick Press, Inc.
Vancouver, BC