Louise Schouwenberg (Ed.)           

Co-published by Sternberg Press & Sanberg Instituut
English, 2018
Softcover, 204 pages
14 x 20.5 cm

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In the slipstream of conceptual art, the intimate interweaving of meaning and materialization in art and design came to be discredited in the second half of the twentieth century. The master’s program titled “Material Utopias” at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, recently put an end to this formula by abolishing the unproductive hierarchy separating “concept” from “making,” and “content” from “process.” In Material Utopias, various authors reflect on the history of dematerialization and deskilling, the manifold meanings of materials in art and design, and the challenges for education when the innovative power of the artistic process is celebrated.

The book includes texts by Max Bruinsma, Amanda du Preez, Domeniek Ruyters, Louise Schouwenberg, Aaron Schuster, and Tamar Shafrir. Book no. 3 is part of a new and on-going series from the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.

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